Viola Tjew-A-Sin

    Bugaboo Boxes

  • Keywords
    • Product proposal
    • Prototyping
    • Strollers
    • Luggage
    • User testing
  • Assignment

    Find and develop a new accessory opportunity for Bugaboo's strollers within the theme of ‘luggage'.

  • Involved parties


  • Students
    • Dolores Hilhorst
    • Gideon Hoogerwerf
    • Justin Venbrux
    • Rob Hulst
    • Robin van der Pols
  • Introduction

    Bugaboo Boxes is the result of a half-year group project for Bugaboo. Various research activities and analyses uncovered a need within the target group of parents with young children for more lugagge space on a stroller than is currently offered. Apparently, the current underseat luggage basket of the Cameleon stroller is not easily accessible and only provides a basic amount of space. Bugaboo Boxes gives parents with strollers more freedom in combining daily activities like grocery shopping with leisure activities like a picnic or slow walk in sunny weather.

Context Research

To deepen our understanding of the context and to get a better insight into what challenges people face while travelling with young children and a stroller, we simulated the experience of being on the go with a young child (with a doll) and the Bugaboo Cameleon. We travelled from Amsterdam to Delft by metro and by train and walked through the city centre of Amsterdam and through parts of Delft.

Defining the goal

Internal and external analyses were conducted to define a design goal in the first phase. To create an overview of all relevant information we had found, we wrote down all findings on individual statements cards.
This allowed us to create creative associations between interesting statements, which stimulated the generation of several intitial idea directions. The most inspiring statements were used for categorizations, which were eventually formed into input for rich search fields.

Search field

From five others, the ‘Carry Free’ search field was chosen to develop further because of its excellent fit with the Bugaboo portfolio and because it holds the most potential for the creation of fruitful concepts.
Carry Free focuses on the transportation of luggage from A to B with a stroller, but also the transportation of belongings that are needed while on the go. The analyses made it clear that currently the strollers do not offer enough space to stow your luggage. The challenge is in solving the need to bring more stuff while also taking into account the need to be able to access this easily.
Some elements or ideas from other search fields, such as temperature regulation, waste compartments, and multifunctional elements could be incorporated when generating ideas and concepts within the chosen search field.

The chosen concept

Bugaboo Boxes consists of four elements optimized for the Cameleon stroller: a front basket, two side baskets and a rear basket. It is characterised by three main functions: providing maximum storage capacity in combination with accessibility, providing different compartments to organise your luggage conveniently, and offering options to keep luggage cool or warm with insulated compartments.
Due to non-disclosure agreements with Bugaboo, not all the work for this project can be shown. Mainly the final design and images of the working prototype and the user tests have been omitted. If you are curious about the results, feel free to send me a message.



Mockups of the concept were created from cardboard in order to quickly and easily see the effects of adjustments made to the dimensions of the compartments.
The interaction with the concept was further developed by testing with a wooden mockup.

Creating the prototype

The purpose of the prototype is to have a fair representation of the aesthetics of the actual product in terms of form and materials. Additionally, we aimed to create working connections and zipper closings for participants to get a good impression of the actual interaction during user testing.
The prototype building process consisted of the following steps:

  • - Lasercutting the side panels from polystyrene sheets
  • - Bending the bottom panels from aluminium sheets
  • - Attaching the panels together with plastic L-profiles
  • - Sewing the fabric layers around the frames
  • - Installing zippers on the baskets
  • - 3D printing all connection parts
  • - Painting the 3D prints
  • - Sewing and taping the connections to the baskets
  • - Sewing and attaching the snap fastener straps

User testing

In order to evaluate our concept and to see what could still be improved to form future recommendations, user tests were conducted with parents of young children.
Participants responded positively to the insulating properties, the flexibility of the individual separable compartments, the foldability, the sealability through the zippers and the accessibility of the rear basket.
The user test has also yielded some great insights to further improve the design. The side baskets could be made smaller for a cleaner and less massive look and feel of the stroller, possibilities to carry larger luggage can be explored and a way to prevent luggage from falling out the rear basket, without impairing accessibility, should be found.