Viola Tjew-A-Sin


  • Keywords
    • Human-product interaction
    • Experiential prototyping
    • Conflict
    • Elevator
  • Assignment
    Create an interactive installment that makes an internal conflict explicit.
  • Involved parties


  • Students
    • Emma Kropman
    • Max Tak
    • Paula Gerlag
    • Rick Boellaard
    • Roby Michelangelo Vota
  • Introduction
    Etavele is the result of a group project that is focused on the context of the elevator. It attempts to emphasize a common conflict elevator users experience when they have to share the small space with strangers: do you interact with the other person, or do you keep to yourself?
    In this project, I was mainly responsible for developing the interactive prototype and user testing.

The concept

An interactive bar runs along the sides of the elevator. The bar lights up in a single colour where it is closest to the elevator user, following the user around and becoming more intense the closer the user gets. This makes the person aware of the physical space they are occupying and their movements within the elevator.
When the elevator is called, the person already in the elevator is notified of this through a different coloured light coming towards him from the door. This symbolizes an upcoming breach of their ‘personal space’. The current occupant is consciously confronted with the aforementioned conflict and can prepare himself for this.

e-elec e-firstprototype

First prototype

Using the electronics pictured above, part of the bar was created in an initial experimental prototype. It was placed within an elevator, attached to one of the side walls. To gain insight into the user experience of the interactive prototype, participants were invited to ride the elevator.
Based on findings from these tests, a few adjustments were made to the concept. In order to make the concept more interactive and to emphasize the notion of personal space, another dimension was added to the concept: leaning against or touching the bar would create a concentration of coloured light at the spot where it is touched. When a second person touches the bar, another colour appears. Where the two colours meet, a mix of the two colours can be seen.

e-prototyping e-prototyping2

Creating the final prototype

For the final prototype, custom made LED-strips were attached to a wooden back panel.
A capacitive touch matrix created with conductive thread sown onto two pieces of elastic fabric allows the system to detect localized touch in order to turn on the LED’s in the vicinity of the touch.
The fabric pieces are stretched over the front of the wooden panel with the LED’s.

e-etavele2 e-etavele3 e-etavele

water outlet

The finished prototype consisted of three connected bars. For exhibitioning purposes, these were installed onto the walls of a cubicle created to represent the space of an elevator.
From top to bottom, the reaction of the bar to touch is demonstrated, along with the different coloured lights moving towards the elevator occupant when the elevator is called, and what happens when two different spots on the bar are touched at the same time.