Viola Tjew-A-Sin

    Juicer Pitcher

  • Keywords
    • Collages
    • Assemblies
    • 3D modeling
  • Assignment

    Use serendipity as a tool in designing a product, through creating assemblies and collages.

  • Involved parties


  • Introduction

    The design of this juicer is the result of an elective focused on using serendipity in designing products.
    Collages and accidental assemblies made from random prodcucts were used as references in the design process.



By combining a random symmetrical rotational shape with a few objects found lying around, an assembly was created which inspired the form of the juicer.


lifestyle collage

Part of the exercise was to choose a specific lifestyle to design for. The collage is a representation of this lifestyle and serves as reference point during the design process.


Emotive collage

For a more interesting challenge and surprising results, another reference point for the design is the character or feeling depicted by the emotive collage.


Memetic collage

This is the memetic collage, which shows product elements and form language as an inspiration for the design of the juicer.

jpwhiteongrey2 jp-whiteongrey

Idea sketching

With the assembly and the three collages, ideas for the form of the product were generated and explored.


the design

The final form combines elements from the collages as well as the assembly into a surpising, but still functional concept.
A glass pitcher is placed over the motorized juicer to catch the juice. It can be served immediately into glasses by taking the pitcher from its base.