Viola Tjew-A-Sin

    Visual identity: M. Bogaards

  • Keywords
    • Graphic design
    • Web development
  • Description

    I created a logo, business card design and a simple portfolio website for a friend who is a pianist.



I already had a good idea of what kind of design accurately represents Maarten's style and personality, and also how he would like to present himself. Maarten needed the card done fast, so having a good understanding of what he likes already was a great time-saver. After briefly discussing some preferences, I went to work and came up with some variations of the same overall theme. It had to be minimalistic and straight-forward, but also show some elegance. Luckily, Maarten liked the designs I made, and together we were able to pick out a winner.


Business card

Simple and sophisticated, but the curves of the piano soften the whole image and make the design more friendly. Hover your mouse over or near the image to see the back.


Together with Maarten, I created a simple web page that is clear and suited to his target audience. His web page can be visited at