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    Pocket Tap

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  • Keywords
    • Sanitation
    • Product proposal
    • Design directed research
  • Assignment

    Come up with an innovative idea for Thetford's sanitation portfolio to safeguard a continuous supply of new product introductions in the leisure market.

  • Involved parties

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  • Introduction

    Pocket Tap allows overnight wilderness hikers to experience the beauty of natural environments while enabling them to maintain good personal hygiene in an eco-friendly way. Adventurers can refresh themselves with the Pocket Tap by using water from natural sources to wash in a convenient way that prevents pollution of the water source.


new market

The assignment was to design a product for a new market that is still close to Thetford’s core competences and vision: mobile sanitation in a leisure setting.
Thetford claims to love leisure, but leisure is much more than only the world of caravans and campers. It is a logical step to take Thetford’s love of leisure and apply it to a growing segment of the travel world that is in need of mobile sanitation: adventure travel.

Pt-ideasketch2 Pt-ideasketch

Design goal

After investigating the context by analyzing the adventure travel market and conducting surveys with overnight hikers, an opportunity was uncovered to design a more convenient way in which adventurers can clean themselves adequately (which is more effective than hand sanitizer), while taking into account the situation and the environment. This design space was explored with idea sketching.



The overall shape of the product is heavily influenced by the method by which it is collapsed. This is explored through sketches of possible solutions and accompanying shapes, while drawing inspiration from existing mechanisms and products.


water outlet

The water container is connected to a water outlet system which allows the user to open the product to let water flow through and also control the stream of water. The product provides a decent and constant stream of water suitable for rinsing the hands when turned open fully.


Pocket tap

The product provides a means for hikers to refresh themselves in a way that is superior to using only wet wipes or hand sanitizer, through enabling them to use water from natural sources to wash their hands in a convenient and eco-friendly way.
The flexible bottle folds up easily and stays compact by twisting the cap closed. The cap is twisted open (2) and submerged in water (3), after which the bottle fills itself with water through a filter. After twisting the cap closed (4), the Pocket Tap can be hung up (5), creating a water faucet that can be turned on and off by twisting the cap loose or close (6).
By carrying the water away from the natural water source, pollution of the water is prevented. The Pocket Tap can be used to wash the hands or body, but also for washing dishes, pots and pans.