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    Quick Converter

A simple unit conversion app
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  • Concept

    Quick Converter is a simple android application to quickly convert an amount in an imperial unit to its metric equivalent and vice versa.

  • Description

    Quick Converter is the very first mobile Android phone application I made using Android Studio. Because this is my first app project with no prior experience at all, I wanted to create something very simple but still useful. There are plenty of converter apps to be found in the app store for any unit you can imagine, but probably none that are as simplistic and ‘no fuss’ as this one.
    See, this converter app was created for a very specific mindset: people who come across imperial units when all they know is the metric system (or vice versa, but come on…one of these systems is clearly superior) and who go “What is ‘lbs’?” or “How much is 5 inch in normal-speak?”. You’re not trying to do science here, you just want to translate this into something you can understand. With Quick Converter, all you have to do is (1) punch in a number and (2) select the mysterious unit that has you befuddled and out rolls the equivalent amount in the most commonly sought counterpart unit. Yay!


First prototype

By adopting a 'making first' approach, a first prototype was realized fairly quickly. This first version shows the basic elements of the interaction I was trying to create. It was useful for exploring the effect of certain design decisions about the interface on the user experience. The pop-up soft keyboard, for example, initially covered up the output display until it was time to show the result in order to create anticipation for the 'reveal'-moment. This was replaced with a permanent keyboard in the final version in favor of showing the converted result as quickly as possible.


Final design

A newly optimized keyboard shows only the bare necessities. This final version for the application improves on the first prototype in terms of a friendlier user interaction and a simple but clear lay-out. The app now converts the input immediately when it is adjusted. The selected unit is shown next to the input number with the converted amount in the counter unit right underneath for easier comprehension.
In the future I might expand Quick Converter to convert things like clothing sizes, cooking units or perhaps even currencies.